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IT Solutions For The Guesthouse Industry In Ireland


Free Up Your Time

 Guestbook makes sure that IT is the solution to your business and not the problem”

The accommodation business has changed dramatically in the last few years for small accommodation providers. The availability of online booking engines such as, Expedia and has opened up possibilities that were once only available to hotels and hotel chains. TripAdvisor and other guest review platforms offer great opportunities as well as marketing sites like Triavago and Hotels Combined.

The digital age is having an impact. Buzz words change daily. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn seek your attention. Businesses who are willing to adapt and change will  have increased revenues and profitability. They will have  the ability to extend their booking season and maximise their profits. Website design, development  and IT support are very important. Guestbook provides you with the tools and knowledge to enhance your business and therefore secure your future as a profitable and important part of  the Irish Tourist Industry.

Guestbook provides an affordable tailored solution to accommodation providers that leads to increased revenue, increased bookings and the ability to extended your season while reducing time spent every day on administrative tasks. We can reduce time spent on booking management, marketing, pricing adjustments and administrative tasks to as little four hours per week.

Managing guest bookings on your own website, updating inventory on Expedia, and other booking engines can be stressfull. The consequences of overbookings is time consuming and costly if  you are not managing your inventory correctly. Replying to reviews, enegaging in social media and keeping up with marketing may seem like too much work. Guestbook website design and development makes it easy. We assist you and your  business  by carefully selecting the correct technology, training and backup service to suit you and your circumstances.

Guesthouse Website Design And Development

Guesthouse Website Design Five Star Hotel

Your Property

Your property is your business and therefore everything about it is an important factor. From decor to design and location to layout. Every part of your property has an advantage and asset that you need to let your customers know about. We help you take advantage of what is important and give you guidance on what guests are looking for. Your presentation of  you and your property is especially relevant.  We show you how to make guests want to stay with you and consequently make them want to come back to you. We show you how they will recommend you to their friends, families and colleagues. With intelligent web design and digital marketing Guestbook makes it easy so that guests that will want to stay with you.

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Website Presence

Your website is the window in which the whole world learns about you and your Guesthouse. It explains who you are, where you are and what to expect when visitors stay. Most visitors to your website will have found you through internet search engines. In addition they will have sought information about your accommodation as a result of your presence on TripAdvisor,, Expedia or Trivago. If you fail to impress your visitors at this point as a result of bad design decisions you will  have lost a sale. Your website is the single most important factor to increase guests, reduce costs and also reduce commissions. Your website design and development is extremely important and most of all it is within your control.

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Booking Management

Linking to online booking engines is one of the biggest adavntages that guesthouses and bed and breakfasts have experienced in the past ten years. Guestbook can show you how to optimise these relationships and hence use them to your advantage. Most of all we show you how to  increase your revenues and  reduce your commissions. Our knowledge will help you manage  bookings and inventory on multiple websites. Most noteworthy is the ability to easily adjust prices and reduce or even eliminate the possibility of overbookings in less than four hours administration per week. Your time is valuable and therefore freeing up that time is an important goal for us to achieve on your behalf. We make IT work for you and we make it easy.

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Social Media

Social media may seem like  a minefield and even send shivers down peoples backs at the thought of managing Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. It’s not scary nor should it be. Guestbook makes it easy to understand and administer Social Media for business. With our process you will be up and running with all the major social media platforms quickly and efficiently. Integrated website design while using the power of multiple social networks can unleash a powerful tool in promoting your business. Using commission free booking facilities on social networks is only the tip of the Iceberg. Most of all, rather than stress or worry about Social Networks, Guestbook makes it extremely easy to administer them all on a regular basis.

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