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IT Solutions For The Accommodation Industry In Ireland

Guestbook Background 


Edmund Boyle

Edmund Boyle

Guestbook was established to provide a dedicated consultancy, web development and IT support solution to accommodation providers in  Ireland.  It was created by Edmund Boyle based in Westport, Co. Mayo, Ireland who already had an established media, web development and marketing business. 

Edmund had been working with clients in the tourism area since the  1980’s and noticed a marked increase in business from clients in the accommodation sector. The shift to online booking and the democratization of information technology meant opportunities were available to smaller accommodation providers to compete for business worldwide. It also meant some businesses were struggling particularly those who were failing to adopt online strategies.

Edmund was already providing solutions to clients in the accommodation sector as part of his Media and IT business. He noticed a lack of combined services and support from established providers.

“There were businesses offering booking   systems or channel management systems but were failing to offer adequate custom support. Website integration was an afterthought. Often websites were fabricated from templates failing to take the unique circumstances of each property into consideration. Superficial designs with poor website performance were costing owners revenue. The lack of Integration between a website, online booking capabilities, channel management, and social media meant owners were losing business. Many businesses were and still are unaware that the companies they are paying large commissions  to use exclusivity tactics at the expense of individual guesthouse owners. It is imperative that accommodation owners have the knowledge to use booking engines to their advantage and not allow their businesses to be used as  revenue generators solely for the benefit of the booking giants. 

The lack of a unified solution where property owners interests came first was non existent. There was a lot of companies offering individual products and services but failing to adopt to a clients specific needs. Guestbook insisted on a commission free model for its clients. With proper knowledge the relationship between the booking engines and accommodation providers can be valuable partnerships to both businesses. There was  an opportunity to select and combine the best of each service into the perfect structure. Giving power and choice back to the accommodation provider was the solution. Knowledge and training was the key. Leveraging available technology to make day to day tasks easier without even knowing you were using it while increasing revenue and reducing administration was a winning solution. 

Guestbook was established to provide that niche structure to accommodation providers. It offers them a unique source of information where that information can be implemented into their own business and managed by them at a level they are comfortable with and have the backup and support of Guestbook which places them first.”

Guestbook has developed relationships with designers, developers, IT service providers and many professional businesses in the accommodation and travel industries as well as the financial services industry. These relationships allow Guestbook to provide the best services available to its clients and provide seamless integration into their business operations.