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IT Solutions For The Accommodation Industry In Ireland


We have the expertise to do wonderful things and help you grow but we still need your help. We need to know some information about you and your business and your input is vital to help us understand how best we can help you. It may seem over simplified but its very important that you consider the following questions and how it relates to your business.


Do you run or want to run a professional accommodation service ?

It sounds like a funny question to ask but if you want to have a successful accommodation business you have to be open and available for business. That means you need to be open at least six months of the year so that we can maximise your potential earnings with our marketing strategies and technology. There is a popular belief in some peoples minds that all you have to do is open in the peak season to make a living. Unless you have a very captive audience and no competition this scenario is untrue. We want people to come to you in high season and low season, at weekends and during the week. Ireland is no longer a summer destination and there is revenue to made at all times of the year even in the winter season. There is little use investing your money and time if you can’t capitalise on its return. It’s a professional business that requires a commitment to be available when there are guests seeking accommodation. All our successful accommodation providers generate revenue in all seasons.


Do you have a minimum of six bedrooms with adequate facilities for guests?

There is no doubt you  can be successful with one two and three bedroom properties but to make  a sustainable living and achieve a quality of life for the effort you are putting in, the ideal property needs to have six rooms or more. Guesthouse quality has improved in Ireland immensely over the past ten years and  people are seeking accommodation and facilities that are clean, well cared for and up to date. Accommodation providers need to consider ensuite bathroom and showers for all rooms and have public areas for guests to relax in. Guestbook services will work with all accommodation types but there is a minimum requirement that your accommodation is fit for purpose and fulfils a need that the guest paying public are willing to pay for.


Are you registered for VAT or will you register for VAT?

It is a legal necessity to register for VAT if you expect to have a turnover  in excess of €37,500. We understand that some new clients are not aware of this. Our smaller clients easily achieve or can expect to achieve turnovers between €50,000 and €120,000.  Larger clients have turnovers exceeding €100,000 even in the first year after starting a new business.

We want to make sure you get value for money by using Guestbook services. Your income and revenue is going to grow with Guestbook. Sometimes this increase in revenue and income can take owners by surprise. Quite frequently owners don’t account for the added revenue and are surprised with the increase in accommodating more guests throughout the year.

Some owners don’t want to be busy or don’t want the extra income for  various financial reasons. To get the best value from Guestbook, you should have no upper limits on the revenue or income that you want generated by your business. Guestbook does not charge commission for its services. We want you to earn as much as possible.  Limits restrict your businesses and restricts our ability to help you achieve maximum profitability. Guestbook prefers to work with accommodation providers who are registered for VAT or who will register for VAT if their turnover exceeds the legal requirements for registering.

Can you spend four hours a week on administration?

After training, are you willing to spend four hours per week maintaining bookings, pricing and marketing on your PC?

No matter how you look at it we still have the day to day tasks associated with running a guesthouse. Time is valuable.  Guestbook can provide solutions where your administration is reduced to as little four hours per week. We can reduce the possibility or even eliminate the possibility of over-bookings. Using one control panel to change pricing and inventory everywhere. It’s possible to get listed on over a hundred online booking sites like  Expedia,, Late Rooms etc. and still only use one control panel! Thirty minutes a day is sufficient to do everything. Maintain a presence on Social Media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and even get commission free bookings directly through your social media platforms. An hour a week updating social media can have a positive impact increasing your revenue.

We will guide you through everything and make it easy. It means learning a few more skills and If you haven’t any IT experience or are not familiar with computers we can help with that too.

What Next?

If you answered yes to the above questions we know that you are serious about your business and are forward thinking enough that you are willing to consider changes. These changes have a financial return that will make your business easier and less stressful to operate while increasing profitability and reducing the administrative workload. Lets see can we work together!